Fabric Beds

Fabric bedsteads are the perfect choice if you want to bring a warmer, softer feel to the bedroom. Choose a vibrant colour or luxurious fabric to make a real statement.
Fabric bedsteads come in many shapes and sizes, and quite often in a selection or alternative fabrics too. We offer a wide selection of designs from contemporary to traditional from a selection of suppliers.
Generally, modern bedsteads have lower headboard heights with straight edges for a super clean look, perfect in creating a modern twist to your room, with super cool fabrics and stunning leg detail too.
If you want a more traditional look then there is still plenty to choose from. Wooden legs, buttoned headboards, and remember, if you still want storage space, many of our bedsteads have an ottoman option.
Could space be an issue? Fabric bedstead dimensions are not standard and can be significantly bigger than the size of your mattress and overwhelm smaller rooms. Measure carefully and don’t forget to check the headboard height to avoid any obstructions.