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Founded in 1858, Relyon became known as mattresses that you could truly 'rely-on' for a good nights sleep. The skills then are still used today to create an outstanding choice of handmade products.

Relyon was the first bed manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious Production Guild Mark of the Worshipful Company of Furniture. Quality is important throughout the organisation, Relyon also hold IS0 9001 certification.

Relyon operate an in-house laboratory which is responsible for the systematic testing of raw materials used in bed production. Besides ensuring that these are in accordance with product specifications, it ensures that the end product lives up to the high standards of performance associated with Relyon. Our Relyon beds are upholsterd with the finest upholstery fillings including cashmere, silk, and lambswool creating a collection of mattresses all offering luxury, comfort and support. Relyon's sustainable and environmental credentials remain as strong as ever. They continually invest in reducing energy and water consumption. The timber used in bed construction is either FSC or PEFC certified and there transport runs on the most fuel efficient systems available, all helping us to know that Relyon beds do not cost the earth.

Naturally Comfortable Beds

At the heart of Relyon beds is the classic pocket spring, manufactured at their factory in Somerset. These pocket springs are engineered using the latest steel alloys and the perfect wire gauge, the result being the perfect pocket spring designed to work in harmony with your body.

Relyon Carefully select natural fillings including cashmere, silk, wool, latex, cotton and lambswool, all chosen for their unique breathable and moisture management properties keeping the mattress fresh and dry, whilst providing luxurious levels of comfort.

Good posture is essential to a good night’s sleep. Whether you are standing up or lying down, your spine should always be aligned. This is because a straight spine puts less strain on your hips and shoulders. Since no two spines are the same, this is one decision that must be made laying down. You and your partner may have different requirements, so we can even tailor each side of the same mattress to a different level of firmness. For this reason, we believe it is essential you visit one of our bed experts to ensure you select the mattress that gives you the best sleeping posture.

We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, between six and eight hours each night. Beds can be large or small, firm or soft, however, if they are uncomfortable your health and wellbeing suffer. The National Bed Federation recommends that a bed is changed every ten years, so this is one decision that you need to invest some time into.

Protecting the Environment

Relyon beds are proud to be full members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP). Relyon's environmental responsibilities are at the heart of their business, making sure that manufacturing facilities, products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible. Relyon minimise the impact on the environment by using wood that is sourced from sustainable forests with CoC (Chain of Custody), and recycling waste where ever possible. Relyon are dedicated to the long term development of it's environmental policies by working with, and maintaining it's relationships with it's suppliers.

At Relyon they look forward to a healthy, sustainable future and recognise environmental integrity is a crucial element in what they do in improving sleep technology and to protect the world, now and for the generations to come – naturally.

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