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Harrison have been making bespoke beds for The Bed Post and its customers for over 10 years. They were the National Bed Federation Bed Manufacturer of the year in 2015 and the runners up in 2016.

The story behind Harrison is an incredible one. They are a British family owned business based in North Yorkshire. The story starts with their 300 acre farm where they rear sheep to provide wool to use as a filling in some of their mattresses. They also grow Hemp and Flax which is used in the creation of their hand made bespoke mattresses.  Flax is three times stronger than linen with unique properties that offer excellent heat regulation, helping you stay cool and fresh during the night. Harrison try to source the fillings they need, from mohair and wool through to the finest Egyptian cotton, from as local a source as possible without compromising on quality. All this helps Harrison to be a carbon aware company with minimal impact on the environment, knowing that everything that goes into their luxurious beds is as sustainable as possible.

Naturally Beautiful Beds

Everything that Harrison make for The Bed Post is hand made at their factory just a short drive from their farm in North Yorkshire. The Bed Post staff attend factory visits and product training at a number of our manufacturers making them true sleep experts. We feel that it is imperative that when buying a new mattress that you come and see one of our sleep experts - they will be able to show you the differences in what Harrison do and show you what being truly bespoke means. Harrison can make one mattress have two tensions so there is no need to compromise - if you are sharing your bed you can each have the firmness you require. Harrison Beds come with a choice of three mattress tensions, a variety of storage options and a selection of headboards available in matching fabric. All of the bases and headboards are available in a vast choice of fabrics, and with bespoke sizes available, can be made to your exact requirements.

Luxurious Fillings

Harrison beds are made using the finest natural ingredients to help create the perfect recipe for a great nights sleep. For example the home grown wool is soft, springy and naturally supportive, keeping you warm and comfortable, whilst also being anti-bacterial with inherent fire retardant properties. Flax, home grown on the Harrison farm is used to produce linen. It’s strong, light and a sustainable material which creates a breathable organic covering that helps improve moisture management. Hemp, grown naturally and without pesticides is another excellent plant which creates a highly absorbent material and is naturally resistant to mildew, adding an air of freshness that is very hygienic. Silk is the strongest natural fibre there is with a soft luxurious feel especially when blended with mohair. Wool gives Harrison beds a warm dry feel, helping to regulate body temperature and is naturally fire-retardant eliminating the use of chemicals. Cotton, Egyptian cotton and mohair all combine to give these beds a naturally luxurious feel.

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